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    daramghaus symbol and logotype

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  2. 의상에 꽂혀서 시작했다가 아직까지 완성도 못한 팬아트(!)

    처음엔 그냥 오일파스텔로 옷 위주로만 그려봤음. (위 그림)

    그러고는 뭔가 아쉬워서 결국 아크릴로 덮음… 처음부터 스케치를 제대로 안하고 시작해서 고치면서 그리느라 진땀뺐다. (아래 그림)

    아직도 손이나 다리, 의상 그림자 등 정리해야 할 것들 투성이ㅠㅠ 하고있는 일 끝나면 진짜 완성해야지!!

    워낙 게을러서 꼭 해야하는 일 아니면 절대로 낙서조차 안하는 인간인 날 오랜만에 채색까지 하게 만든 너란 여자… 

  3. 몽순이

    illustrated by Daahey Choi

    (Source: isangho)

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    Felt chipmunks from Japan

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    Chipmunk & Puppy Wing

    daramghaus × Lee Sang-hun Collaboration

    3D character portrait, 2014
    Characters of daramghaus

    illustrated by Lee Sang-Hun3D portrait
    © Lee Sang-hun

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    daramghaus Anniversary

    We have been working together the name of daram corporation in 2006,
    and renamed to daramghaus while making the app for the first time in the winter of 2012.
    This April 11, daramghaus become 8th anniversary.

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    Moment Camera Free Event

    Our app “Moment Camera" was featured on AppStore: "New and Noteworthy" 
    Photo Category(US), Beautiful Pixels, GIZMODO: App of the day and The Next Web.
    We started free event in darmghaus Annyversary week, 2014.4.6 ~ 11.

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    daramghaus Sticker, Coming Soon!

    And today, we reveal the daramghaus sticker teaser.
    We are going to be uploaded to the creator market for messenger.
    Coming Soon!

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    daramghaus Sticker original sketch

    illustrated by Choi Daahey
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    Thank you.

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    Moment Camera

    The precious Moment of you and me.

    Using self-timer and sequential shooting function, never lose the moment you want to remember.

    Download on the AppStore: Moment Camera

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    The Portal

    artworks in daramghaus
    illustrated by Choi Daahey

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    다람쥐와 멍멍이

  10. 안동 유교문화 체험관
    전시영상 일러스트레이션

    Confucianism Culture Experience Center
    Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea

    Illustrated by Choi Daahey